NFT Loot Drop

The NFT Loot Crate component will allow you to add loot crates to your game that drop down for each player. An NFT Loot Crate will drop down for the player every 20 hours and when opened by the player they will receive a random item that will go into their inventory.

Items that can be dropped for the player can come from their wallet or a collection specified by you. If there was no item found/picked, then they will receive a default item that can also be specified by you.

Note: This comes with an inventory system. If you have your own, you will need to modify the NFT_Loot_Drop_API to support your inventory system.

NFT Loot Drop
Search for “CoreAcademy” in Community Content.

How to use

In Project Content -> My Templates -> NFT Loot Crate, add the NFT Loot Crate template to the hierarchy.

There are various properties on the NFT Loot Crate folder that you can customize. All properties have tooltips, so you can hover over them to get more information.

Linking NFT Items to Inventory Items

For the inventory system to be able to give an item to the player when they open a loot crate, the system needs to know which NFT item links to which inventory item.

In Project Content -> My Tables -> Inventory, open up the Inventory table and look over the columns.

The “loot_value” column is what is used to determine which NFT links to the inventory item. This is important, and setting this incorrectly will not give the player any reward from the collection or wallet. The value of this column needs to be the name of the NFT. So for example, if the NFT name is “#1234” then that string is what needs to go into the column.

If a player owns NFT “#1234” and it is assigned to an item in the table, and it is picked as the loot for the crate, then the player would receive the inventory item assigned to the NFT item.

Crate Spawn Points

In the folder “Crate Spawn Points” inside the “NFT Loot Crate” folder, create spawns points by using a Dummy Object from Core Content.

The number of spawn points needs to be equal to, or greater than the max players for your game. This is because each player can have their own loot crate drop down for them, and the system will look for free spots to place the crate in the world.

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