NFT Shareable Links

The NFT Shareable Links component makes copying URLs to NFTs a lot easier by using the Text Entry Box. In the demo that comes with the component, a player can walk up to any of the photo frames and interact with the trigger to open up the UI. The UI contains a text entry box that is auto-filled and selected ready to be copied.

NFT Shareable Links
Search for “CoreAcademy” in Community Content.

How to use

The component comes with 2 templates. A template that shows a demo of the component in use. Also, a template is included to create your shareable links without all the other objects included.

Two custom properties need to be set for each shareable link.

  • ContractAddress
    The contract address to look at when retrieving tokens.
  • TokenID
    The token ID to load.

Learn More

Learn how to create this component yourself:

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