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With the release of the Blockchain API in Core, there are many possibilities on how to incorporate NFTs into projects. To get you started, Core Academy and Team Meta have some tools available in Community Content.

Community Content

Here is a list of Community Content to help add Web3 functionality to your Core projects.

  • Blockchain Token Manager
  • NFT Slideshow
  • VIP Access Teleporter
  • Chat Rewards
  • NFT DNA Generator
  • NFT Loot Drop
  • NFT Picture Frame

How to Find?

Inside the Core Editor, open the Community Content window. Type nft into the search bar and look for these projects under the CoreAcademy and Team Meta account.

Blockchain Token Manager

Blockchain token manager is a simple utility library aimed at making it easier to download and work with lists of blockchain tokens.

It has its own cache, and handles batch downloads, error handling, retrying, and other common issues.

NFT Slideshow

The NFT Slideshow allows creators to display a specific mix of NFTs in portrait. The portrait has a trigger that displays a Slideshow UI and allows the player to change the featured image.

VIP Access Teleporter

The VIP Access Teleporter is an updated to version of the Teleporter template from Core Content. It now assigns players a VIP status based on their name or NFTs in their wallet. When a player overlaps the template’s trigger, it will teleport a player based on their VIP status. This can be useful to keep an area exclusive to some players.

Chat Rewards

The Chat Rewards check if a player types a certain phrase and rewards them with a resource or RP. The phrase can be an exclusive reward for people with NFTs and can also be locked to a certain time of the day. There are also options to allow the player a certain amount per day or a cooldown timer for claiming the reward.

NFT DNA Generator

The NFT DNA Generator is a tool that can be used to generate content based on traits from NFTs. It can load in a specific NFT, display a random NFT from a collection, and can also be used to build your own NFT by outputting the trait type and trait value to the Event Log for you to easily use on OpenSea.

By creating the individual art assets and populating trait tables, you can generate content easily. A big benefit of this method of generation is the fast iteration time.

NFT Picture Frame

The NFT Picture Frame will load the player’s wallet into an inventory and allow them to drag their NFT images onto the frames in the world. This will work in multiplayer as well.

NFT Loot Drop

The NFT Loot Drop component will allow you to add loot crates to your game that drop down for each player. An NFT Loot Crate will drop down for the player every 20 hours and when opened by the player they will receive a random item that will go into their inventory.

Items that can be dropped for the player can come from their wallet or a collection specified by you. If there was no item found / picked, then they will receive a default item that can also be specified by you.


These only cover certain tools that could be useful integrating NFTs into Core projects. There will surely be more ideas to come and changes made. Comment below if there are any suggestions on the mentioned templates, requests for future templates, or any other Web3 Community Content not mentioned here.

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