Welcome to Intro to Lua! In this course, you will learn the essential concepts of programming in general, the specific implementation of the Lua programming language, and how these combine with the Core API to allow you to make dynamic and amazing online games using Core.

  • Part One: Sets you up for programming and completing this course.
  • Part Two: Introduces the essential structures of Lua, and some other concepts that you will need to understand for game development.
  • Part Three: Looks at Core’s implementation of Lua, and how you can use it to actually build games in Core.

Who this Course is For

There is absolutely no experience necessary to start this course, although it expects that you have already installed Core. You will learn code with a focus on how to use it as a tool in your game development, and not overly technical explanations of what is going on behind the scenes.

If you are familiar with another programming language, but new to Lua, you can glean most information by skimming the examples in Part 2, and then following along with Part 3. Coders who are already familiar with Lua but new to Core can skip directly to Part 3.

The Exercises

Each of the lessons of this course has complimentary challenges that you can complete in Core. Download the Intro to Lua template in Community Content to get started.

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