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Creating an RPG in Core

  • Modeling Terrain

    In part one of this series were talking about to get started with terrain modeling.

  • Creating Foliage

    In this video we plant some trees with the foliage tool, as well as how to add rocks and grass, create a dirt path by painting materials, and how to cover your terrain in foliage and flowers. These tools can be used to create just about any natural environment.

  • Adding Elemental VFX

    Learn how to finish your world by adding atmospheric elements including swimmable water, skyboxes, sunlight, and weather effects. This video also touches on post processing effects and how to copy/paste an object's parameters.

  • Spooky House Construction

    Environment Artist Josh shows you how to create a creepy landscape and house using the tools and assets of Core.

  • Sci-Fi Colony Construction

    Senior Environment artist Josh Michael Tyler shows you how to build a Sci-Fi environment in Core.

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