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Core Academy

Latest Courses


Escape the Room

Create an Escape the Room game in Core! Also learn the basics and applications of Vectors, Rotations, and Quaternions.


Procedural Map Generation

Learn the foundations of how to procedurally generate maps from text to 3D based on custom algorithms to generate unique experiences for your players.


To The Moon

Learn how to make a space station on the Moon with no prior knowledge!

Core Academy

Intro to Lua

A complete introduction to scripting for games using the versatile Lua programming language and the Core game development platform. Add an array of game coding skills to your toolbox and take your game development to new heights!


Intermediate Game Design

Take your game to the next level. Add visual and audio style that make your game stand out, and create user interface elements that give your game a polished feel. You will also learn secrets to cinematic trailers and how to promote them on social media.


Visual Effects

Learn the many uses of visual effects, post processing effects, and lighting in creating feedback that makes every loot drop a thrilling experience.

Pirate Hub

Intro to Game Design

Everything you need to know to create and publish your first game. Learn how to get ideas from your favorite games, think about fun, and design for play. You’ll add skills for environment design, world building, and creating obstacles. After that, you’re ready to publish!

Core Certification

Enroll in the Core Certification to learn how to use all the Core's systems: Modelling, Environment Art, Gameplay Objects and Scripting.


Core Certification (Part I) – Models and Content

In the first module, we are going over Models and Contents: The basics of Core and how to use the Core Content.

Core Certification P2

Core Certification (Part II) – Environment Art

In the second module, we learn how to use the different tools to make rich and realistic environments for your games.

Core Certification P3

Core Certification (Part III) – Gameplay Objects

In the third module, you will understand how to use objects like weapons, teleporters and resources.

Core Certification P4

Core Certification (Part IV) – Scripting and Core API

In this last module, you will understand how to script simple mechanics by prototyping a collecting game.

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