Game Components


There are a number of ways to create gameplay in Core. This lesson will focus on components that are included in Core Content, and customizable through the Properties menu. You can also create your own scripts in Lua, and there are many game utility templates in Community Content.

The Map

This section will talk about the elements that allow you to define the basic flow of your game.

Player Settings

The player settings object will allow you to customize different aspects of player movement and abilities, from the maximum slope angle they can walk up, to the number of times they can jump.

Spawn Points

Spawn points determine where players start. You have one included in every empty project, but adding multiple spawn points can help space out players in multiplayer games and create checkpoints to reset to if the players is about to tackle a dangerous challenge.

Respawn Settings

Respawn settings will allow you to decide where the player will respawn after they die and how long the delay will be.

Name Plates

Nameplates will show the username of each player to all the others. Using them may or may not fit with the goals of your game, but it is very valuable in multiplayer games for creating and contextualizing competition.


The resources here are ones that you can use to make obstacles, challenges, and helpful items for players to actually play your game.


Most of the gameplay objects here use triggers, which are just a shape that starts an action when a player enters it. You can create your own custom triggers and find more examples of ways to use them in Community Content.

Kill Zone

kill zone is a trigger that instantly kills the player. These can be extraordinarily useful for creating danger zones that players must avoid at all cost, or to keep them from moving outside of the boundaries of the game.

Player Launcher

The player launcher is a trigger that flings players into the air. Create a super bouncy world, or a trampoline for precise platforming.


The teleporter is a trigger that will transport players to an object that you add in its properties. It has visual and audio effects built in, which can also be customized.


Resources are collectible objects that you can scatter around the map for players to find. These can be something they need, like a currency or health potion, or something that just represents swag and skill, like a trail of coins that challenge players to try the hardest route.


There are a many weapons built into Core that can be added to your game instantly to allow players to pick them up and shoot things. Even more can be found in Community Content.


Equipment is an object with a trigger that attaches it to a player. You can specify where in its properties, and use this to give players new abilities.

If you are interesting in creating new abilities, you should check out the abilities tutorial on Core documentation.

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