Publish Your Game

Publishing your Core project opens it up for testing and feedback, which is one of the strongest tools in your arsenal for improving your game as an experience for players.

Publish from the Core Editor

  1. Open your project in the Core Editor
  2. Click the Publish Game button in the top right corner of the editor.

Fill Out the Description

Good game information is essential to helping players find your game and understand what it is.

  1. Give your game a name. Add (WIP) after the title to indicate that it is still a work in Progress.
  2. Write a description.
  3. Add relevant tags.
  4. Take a screenshot for your game.
    • You can take snapshots in-editor with the camera button.
    • You can also select an image file from your directory via the folder button.

Checking the Open for Editing box allows other Core Creators to use a copy of your game as a starting point to make their own.

Publish Unlisted

For testing purposes, you need to have your project published. However, the unlisted option allows you to do this and get a link for players to play, without making it fully public.

  1. Change the dropdown in the bottom right corner from Public to Unlisted.
  2. Click Review & Publish.
  3. In the next screen, double check your description and click Publish Unlisted


Your game is now live! You can send anyone the link to your Game Page to let them test your game.

Invite Testers

When you are ready to invite people to test your game, make a post on the Discord and Forum to invite players to try it out.

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