Player Health

The Player Health component will show a health bar and health number in the UI so the player can see how much health they have left. This is useful for games when health management is important. A player Knowing their health helps them be more cautious and strategic.

Player Health
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How to use

Drag the Player Health template into the Hierarchy. The component comes with a heal and damage pad that can be used to test the health bar. These can be removed by deleting the group Heal / Damage Demo.

There are various properties on the root of the template that can be changed.

  • BackgroundColor
    The color of the bar background.
  • BarColor
    The color of the bar.
  • Width
    The width of the bar.
  • Height
    The height of the bar.
  • Offset
    The UI offset for X and Y.
  • ShowText
    If enabled, then the health amount will show in the bar.

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