Player Indicator

The Player Indicator component will add an indicator above all player’s heads in the game so that players can easily find where other players are in-game. This is useful for open-world games where finding players can improve the experience for the player themselves. It also helps make the world feel active.

Player Indicator
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How to use

Drop the Player Indicator component into the Hierarchy.

There are several custom properties on the template’s root that can be changed.

  • EdgeOffset
    The distance the icon is from the edge of the screen.
  • WorldOffset
    Distance above the player’s head.
  • Icon
    The template to use for this component.
  • IconWidth
    The width of the icon.
  • IconHeight
    The height of the icon.
  • BorderColor
    The border color of the icon.
  • BackgroundColor
    The background color of the icon. If RandomColor is enabled, then a color from the Colors table will be used instead.
  • RandomColor
    If enabled, then a random color from the Colors table will be used.
  • Colors
    A table of colors to use if RandomColor is enabled.

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