Shared Pickups

The Shared Pickups component will allow you to place pickups in your game that can be picked up by all players. Instead of pickups becoming a race to who can get them first, every player will have a chance to collect the pickup.

This component makes use of the dormancy feature so that it can still be networked, but not replicate.

Shared Pickups
Search for “CoreAcademy” in Community Content.

How to use

Drop the Shared Pickup template into your Hierarchy.

The root of the template has various properties to customize the pickup. All the effects, audio, and geo are inside

the template which can also be changed to suit your game.

  • Animate
    If enabled, the pickup will move up and down based on the AnimationCurve.
  • Speed
    The speed duration of the item moving up and down.
  • Distance
    The distance of how far the item will move up.
  • RespawnTime
    How long until the pickup will respawn for the player.
  • RotationSpeed
    If greater than 0, then the pickup will rotate at this speed.
  • ResourceKey
    The resource key to use when giving the resource to the player.
  • ResourceAmount
    The amount of resources to give on pickup.

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