VIP Entrance

VIP Entrance is a component that restrict users from a certain team from entering.

The template assigns a team as VIP and only users on the VIP team can enter. It uses team-collision property to restrict users on a certain team. The entrance can temporarily be opened for all users by a user on the VIP team pressing a button.

This component works in conjunction with the VIP Team Selection component. See more info here:

VIP Entrance
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  1. Drag and drop the VIP Entrance template into the Hierarchy.
  2. Preview the Project. The door should be passable/openable based on the player’s team.
  3. Edit the Learn More Dialog UI Container for instructions on how to become a VIP.

How to Use

The root object of this template has two custom properties.

  • VIP Team

This team number will represent the VIP team. Users on this team will be allowed access through the entrance.

  • Duration Open

This is the number of seconds the VIP Entrance will temporarily be opened to all users. This is activated by a VIP pressing the button on the inner side of the entrance.

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