Adding Perks to Core

This lesson will instruct how to use the Core editor for adding Perks to a project and testing them. Perks are only usable by creators in the Perks Program.

Creating Perks

Perks are created and edited through the Perks Manager window.

  1. Open the Perks Manager by clicking Windows in the top menu bar and selecting Perks Manager.
  2. Click the Create New Perk button in the bottom of the window.
  3. Give the perk a name and select the type.
  4. Change the Duration field only if it is a Limited-Time Perk, to match how long it should last.
  5. Change the Price to the number of Core Credits the perk should cost.
  6. Keep the Add to Current Project option turned on to use the Perk.

Your new Perk will now appear in the My Perks section of the Project Content window.

Testing a Perk

Creators can test your perks in a local project to make sure that they are working as intended, using the Perks Testing window.

  1. Open the Perks Testing by clicking Windows in the top menu bar and selecting Perks Testing.
  2. Enable the Perk for Player 1 if you want to test when just one player has the Perk.
  3. Enable the Perk for Player 2+ to test when all players

Once you have enabled perks in the testing menu, start a multiplayer preview. If you granted a perk to Player 1, you should see it on Bot1 in the first preview window, and any in-game benefits that you have granted based on whether a player has unlocked those perks should be present in that window. For Player 2+, all of the Multiplayer Preview instances should have players who own that perk, including ones that are added in after the preview starts.

Adding a Perks Purchase Button

Perks can only be purchased using a UI Perk Purchase Button, and use a standardized dialogue to confirm a purchase.

  1. In the Game Objects section of Core Content, open the Perks Tools category.
  2. Find the UI Perk Purchase Button object and drag it into your Hierarchy.
  3. Open the My Perks section of Project Content to find your Perk.
  4. With the UI Perk Purchase Button selected, open the Properties window.
  5. Drag the perk you want associated with the button from My Perks to the Perk Reference property of the Perk Purchase Button.

Perk States

Perks States is the current status of a perk. Some perks could be available to purchase while others are still being tested.

List of Perk States:

  • Inactive – The default state of a perk when created. Is not available to be purchased in the published game.
  • Active – Available to be purchased in a published game.
  • Suspended – The perk remains active for players that purchased them, but are no longer purchasable by new players.
  • Deactivated – The perk is no longer active in a game.

The color in the My Perks section of Project Content will indicate the current status of the Perk in your project.

Activate a Perk

When a perk is created, it is in an inactive state. Perks can only be activated once the game is published.

  1. Create a Perk through the Perks Manager.
  2. Make sure the Perk has Add to Current Project selected.
  3. Publish the game.
  4. Open the Perks Manager again, and select Active from the drop down box in the Status column.

Suspend a Perk

A perk cannot be deactivated while players still have the active perks. Instead, they must be moved to a Suspended state, where they remain active for players who have already purchased them, but are no longer purchasable by new players.

  1. In the Perks Manager find your perk.
  2. In the Status column, select Suspended.

Deactivate a Perk

If a suspended perk has no active users associated with it, it can be safely deactivated.

  1. In the Perks Manager find your perk.
  2. In the Status column, select Deactivated.

Maintaining Perks

Once a perk is implemented into your game, then it will still need to be maintained. This is to ensure players are receiving a fair deal for purchasing the perk. Be responsive to player’s feedback about problems with a perk. This will keep players happy and willing to purchase more perks.

Whenever changing perks, it is important to keep in mind the previous purchasers of the perk. For instance, deleting a permanent perk from a game would be unfair to players that purchased the perk. It’s advised to keep supporting permanent perks unless no one has bought it.

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