Perks Program


The Perks Program allows Core creators to make money with their games. Joining the program gives access to Perks and Reward Points.

Daily Active Users

Creators can join the Perks Program once they achieve an average of 50 daily active users (DAU) across all their games over a period of 30 days. The average DAU is calculated by adding the number of unique users in a month and then dividing by the number of days in the month. For example, if 10,000 users played your game in a 30-day month, then your average DAU for that game would be 334.

You can find out your amount of DAU by visiting the Creator Portal.

How to Increase DAU

In order to grab people’s attention with your games it takes a combination of advertising and good game design. Here are three main concepts that can help:

  • Player Retention

Keeping the players coming back consistently can be achieved using daily rewards or limited time promotions. 

  • Networking

Cross promotion with another developer can be beneficial for both developers receiving a new audience. 

  • Promotions

Live streaming the game, showcasing on Discord, and submitting it for an event are all great ways to promote the game to large crowds.

How Core Credits Work

Core Credits are Core’s virtual currency that users can purchase using real money. They are used to buy cosmetics in the Core shop and Perks in creator’s games. When a player buys a Perk, the Credits go to the creator’s account, at which point the creator can spend them in other Core games or in the Core shop.

Turning Core Credits in Real Cash

When the creator accumulates credits above a payout threshold, they become eligible for converting credits to real-world currency. Note that only earned credits can be converted, as opposed to self-purchased credits.

When converting, creators receive 50% of the revenue spent on their Perks. The reason only half the revenue goes back to creators is because Core provides server hosting, multiplayer networking, and instant publishing to the Core storefront. With Perks, Core also covers all transaction costs, such as credit card processing fees, customer support, and engine royalties for the underlying Unreal engine.

Once you have reached the minimum DAU to qualify, apply to the Perks Program here.

For tips on how to improve your games to meet the minimum DAU requirement, check out the improving your game to increase DAU guide.

The Core Credits redemption article has more information about converting credits into real-world currency.

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