Welcome to the Monetize Your Game course. Monetization in video games can turn your hobby into a career.

This course shows how to start earning money by making games in Core. It also dives into what motivates a player to make a purchase in a video game.

Keep in mind that making money as a game designer requires creating a fun game that keeps the players wanting to come back for more. However, the focus of this course is to turn your awesome game into a successful profit.

What you will Learn

There are three sections in this course. 

The first section introduces abstract concepts involving monetization. It defines different human behaviours that drive people to make purchases. It then ties these behaviours to types of monetization methods in video games. The section provides examples of video game monetization methods and studies the effectiveness of the methods

The second section explains the monetization system in Core which is called the Perks Program. It explores the use of Perks for creators to sell something inside their games. It also has information about using the Core editor to manage monetization.

The third section is a tutorial for adding a Resource Shop in a Core game. It gives instructions for using the Core editor and scripting with Lua to make a working shop interface in Core.

Who this Course is For

This course is for game developers who want to learn about monetizing their game. 

If you ever wondered how games make a profit, then there will be useful information for you about designing games around the ability to make money. Game developers of all levels should design games with monetization in mind from start to finish.

In the later sections of this course, there are more direct instructions for implementing monetization into Core games. This will be useful for Core creators looking to step up their games to the next level.

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