Objects of type Equipment are really common in Core as they are the easiest way to equip objects and abilities to a player.


The easiest way to create your first equipment is to create a hat. This object is going to be equipped when the player walks on the hat.

  1. Search “Equipment” in the Core Content and drag & drop the Equipment object in your scene.
  2. Rename it “Hat” by pressing F2
  3. Open the Equipment in your Hierarchy and create a new Client Context.
  4. Kitbash an equipment and place it in this Client Context (you can drop a basketball for example).
  5. Press Play and walk on the Equipment.
Socket is set to “head”

To attach the equipment to another part of the body, you can change the Socket property of the Equipment. The list of all the sockets is available here.

Try it on Core! Create a piece of equipment based on a famous fictional character. It can be the Super Mario Cap or the armor of Iron Man.

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I’m sorry, but I don’t understand. How do I create a ClientContext. And what even is that? I’m sorry if I’m being a little dumb right now.

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