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Welcome to this third module of the Core Certification. The four modules of this certification will give you all the keys to make amazing games using Core. This next part, Gameplay Objects, focuses on the different tools that Core gives you to create gameplay without coding. Even if all the topics that are mentioned are using scripts, you can totally use only the Properties of these objects to customize them as you want.

What you will learn

  • How to change the settings of your player.
  • How to manage the states of your game.
  • How to use objects like teleporters and kill zones.
  • How to create objects that the player can gather.
  • How to make custom pieces of equipment, weapons and vehicles.

Completing the module

In order to pass this module of the Core Certification, you must pass all the quizzes with a score of 100%. You can go to the next lesson even if you didn’t reach 100% but your Certification won’t be validated.

It is strongly encouraged that you not only read the content but spend time doing the hands-on components of this module in the Core editor. Certification will require the completion of quizzes and certain projects in order to pass this program.

The Project

Launch Core, press Escape and click on the Create tab at the top of the window. Click on Community Frameworks and start a new project from the existing one called “Core Certification Part III”. This is where you will do the hands-on parts of the lessons.

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