Kill Zone and Teleporter

This lesson covers two objects that allow you to create simple games with mechanics that are already available in Core: the Kill Zone and the Teleporter

Kill Zone

A Kill Zone is a simple object with 2 children: a Trigger and a Script that kills any player that enters the Trigger. Most of the time, you add that object to where the player might fall so that he can respawn and not fall forever in the void. You can also create an entire game with zones where players get killed when approaching these zones. Triggers are not visible in the game so it is recommended to add an object to indicate the zone, here the red platform.

Try it on Core! Add a hologram red cube at the same position as the Trigger to indicate to the player where the Kill Zone is.
This cube needs collisions set to “Force Off” so that the player can enter the zone.


A Teleporter is an object that teleports the player to another place in the game. This destination is defined in the Custom Properties of the Teleporter. Drag & Drop any object from the Hierarchy in the Target property. The DestinationOffset is the position that is going to be added to the position of the target. You can also let the Target empty and just add a world position.

Try it on Core! Add two teleporters to go and leave the Yellow Zone.
Link the two teleporters by adding the other one as Target in the Custom Property. Add a Z offset of 100 so that the player is not teleported inside the teleporter.

Game Mechanics

With Kill Zones and Teleporters, you can already make fun games but we need a way to add a score to each player so that they can compete versus other players, and that is the topic of the next lesson about Resources!

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