Player Settings

Types of Camera Settings

Core comes with 5 default Camera Settings. To use one of these cameras:

  1. Find the right camera settings by searching for “camera settings” in the Core Content.
  2. Drag and drop the new camera settings in the scene.

Try it on Core!Add the Isometric Camera Settings.

Each Camera Settings contains a Player Settings object and a Camera in a client context. You can update the Properties of a Camera by clicking on it.

First Person Camera settings

Player Settings

The Player Settings is an object that contains a lot of properties that are applied to any player in the game. You can toggle the Crouch, change the maximum speed, or even add a double jump by updating the Jump Max Count property.

Isometric Player Settings

Try it on Core! Add a double jump for the player and move the camera closer to the player by updating the Initial Distance property to 700.

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