Setup Project

Most of the project has been created for you to import into the Core editor. The course will mainly focus on Lua scripting to add functionality to the game.

Create a New Project

From the Core PLAY menu, select the CREATE tab at the top and select the CREATE NEW button. Add a name to the project and confirm with the CREATE button.

Create a Terrain

Press the Terrain Generator button and then press the Generate New Terrain button. Select a Flat Terrain type and then click the Generate button.

Clean the Hierarchy

Delete the Default Floor object from the Hierarchy. Place all objects (except the Terrain) of the Hierarchy into a folder called Misc. Also from the Core Content window, add the Terrain – Grass material to the Terrain object.

Find the Starting Template

The building with puzzle rooms and objects has already been created for you and is available inside the Community Content window.

Open the Community Content window, and search for the template named Escape the Room Course by CoreAcademy. Click the Import button,

Searching for it may be easier to filter CoreAcademy’s most recent templates.

Add the Template to the Scene

Once the Community Content template is imported, it should appear at the top of the Core Content window. Drag and drop the Escape the Room Template into the scene.

Move the Spawn Point

Find the Spawn Point object in the Hierarchy and place it in front of the Start door. Preview the project to see if the player can enter the first room. You may have to move the template downwards for the door to be level on the terrain.

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