Escape the Room is a fun activity for players to solve riddles and find the path to the exit.

Course Description

This course will guide you to make an Escape the Room project that centers around helping the Karl and Kate statues find love.

The theme of this project will be for Karl and Kate to find love.

Concepts Covered

This course will also teach you about three essential topics used in most 3D game making:

  • Vectors
  • Rotations
  • Quaternions

Recommended Skills

The code and specific instructions will be provided throughout the project but it would help to have the following knowledge:

  • Navigating the Core editor.
  • Creating Lua scripts in Core.
  • Opening certain Windows in the Core editor.
  • Referencing an object using custom properties.

Here are some helpful tutorials and courses if unfamiliar with any of the mentioned skills:

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