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The Main Menu gives creators a very simple way to create the main menu for players that shows up when loading into the game.

The component is simple to use and requires no scripting knowledge to use.

Main Menu
Search for “CoreAcademy” in Community Content.

How to use

Drag the Main Menu component into the Hierarchy.

There are various custom properties on the root of the template.

  • MenuOffset
    Offset between each menu item.
  • EnableCursor
    If enabled, then the cursor will be visible when the menu is open.
  • NormalColor
    Menu option color.
  • HoveredFontColor
    Menu option color when hovering over it.
  • NormalFontSize
    Default menu option font size.
  • HoverFontSize
    Hovered menu option font size.
  • FadeInSpeed
    The speed the menu fades in.
  • FadeOutSpeed
    The speed the menu fades out.
  • DisableMovement
    If enabled the player will not be able to move until the menu is closed.

Creating Menu Panels

In the UI Container in the Hierarchy, there is a Panel that contains all the panels that can be opened. These can be styled to how you want. To close a panel a close button is required. See the default panels that come with the component.

Creating Menu Options

To create menu options, you will need to add them to the Main Menu data table in project content.

  • Text
    The text to display in the menu.
  • Panel
    The reference to the UI panel for this menu option to open.
  • Event
    The event to broadcast when the menu option is clicked.
  • CloseUI
    If enabled, then the menu will close when this option is clicked.

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