Sprinting in games can help the player get from one point to another more quickly. This is useful if mounts are disabled (i.e., don’t fit the theme of the game) and you need the player to have the option to increase their speed.

Some games limit sprinting by using a stamina bar, while others will allow the player to sprint for as long as they need.

This component will allow players to sprint while pressing a key (default is Shift). It has stamina support that can be turned off if required and has various settings that can be adjusted.

Search for “CoreAcademy” in Community Content.

How to use

Drop the component into the Hierarchy. The root of the component contains various properties that can be changed.

  • Toggle
    If enabled, then sprinting can be toggled on and off.
  • Speed
    The speed of the player when sprinting.
  • EnableStamina
    If enabled, the player will use up stamina when sprinting. Using up their stamina will stop them from sprinting.
  • StaminaMax
    The max amount of stamina for the player.
  • StaminaDecreaseRate
    The amount to take away from the stamina amount when sprinting.
  • StaminaIncreaseRate
    The amount to increase the stamina by when not sprinting.
  • StaminaCooldown
    The cooldown for when the bar can start regenerating after a sprint has happened.

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