Create Axe Equipment

In this topic, you will use a Core Content Axe and modify it specifically to work with the NFT attributes that are stored in the NFTs you have created. This is more about preparing a template that players can pick up and use straight away while the NFT is being loaded. So the Axe will display as a hologram while the loading is happening in the background.

Creating equipment from scratch would require some custom Lua coding, fortunately, Core has already done the work for us.

Add Core Context Axe

  1. In Core Content, add the Advanced Axe template to the Hierarchy and desinstance it.
  2. Rename the template to NFT Axe.
  3. Expand the template folder and delete the Geo group. This won’t be needed as you will create your own.

Create Axe Geo

Next, you need to create your Axe geo that will be displayed to players while it is loading the NFT data.

  1. Create a new group inside the template called Axe Geo.
  2. Set the Z position to 15. This is so the Axe sits in the player’s hand correctly. This may need adjusting for your content.
  3. Add one Handle template that you created, into the Axe Geo group.
  4. Add one Blade template that you created, into the Axe Geo group.
  5. Change the material for all the mesh parts for the handle and blade to a hologram material.
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