Create Lazy Minted NFT

NFTs are tokens that are minted after they are created. Minting an NFT is the process of listing it on the blockchain, making it eligible for sale on the marketplace.

Minting an NFT can cost gas. A gas fee is a charge that users pay to transact on the Ethereum blockchain. Gas is used to compensate miners for the computing energy and resources expended to validate transactions.

Lazy minting is the same as minting, except there are no additional charges involved, and you can list your NFT for sale completely free. Even when someone buys your NFT, they will cover any related gas fees for the transaction to go through.

Creating an NFT

Creating an NFT on OpenSea is very straightforward. When you generate your axes and print the information to the Event Log, then this information can be used to create your NFTs. Below you will walk through creating one lazy minted NFT that goes through the whole process from Core to OpenSea.

Generate the NFT

When you generate your Axe in Core, you will need to create a screenshot that will be used to display your NFT on OpenSea. At the same time, you will generate the NFT attribute data that is displayed in the Event Log.
In the image below, the NFT attributes are Blade: 1, Handle: 2, and Seed: 1125954047. This information will be stored in the NFT attributes so they can be read from a Lua script to recreate the Axe when the player holds it.

Create NFT on OpenSea

At the top of the OpenSea page, click the Create link. This will take you to the create page where you can fill in all the information you need for your NFT.

Upload Image and Set Name

Upload the screenshot you took of your Axe in Core and also set the name for this NFT. For a collection, the name is generally the NFT number in the collection. So if it’s the first NFT, then the name could be “Axe #1”.

Add Properties

The most important part of this is to make sure to set the properties correctly, otherwise, when you come to recreate this Axe in Core, it will not be created using the correct parts of colors based on the seed in the attributes.

  1. Click on the Add Properties button. A panel will display where you can add properties for this NFT. These properties will be available in Lua as attributes.
  2. Add the Blade property and the value that was generated in Core.
  3. Add the Handle property and the value that was generated in Core.
  4. Add the Seed property and the value that was generated in Core.

When you have added your properties, make sure to click the Save button.

Add the 3 properties. More are supported if needed.
Properties that were added.

View your NFT Collection

Go to your NFT collection for your axes. In the image below, 15 were created. You can create as many as you like. It is a slow process, but considering these are lazy minted and can be read by Core’s Blockchain API, it’s not too bad.

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