Core Content Overview

The Core Content tab is full of different assets and it can be overwhelming when you are looking for a specific object. Let’s go through each type of object, understand when to use them in your game, and how to avoid adding the wrong objects (for example a weapon that can’t be equipped or an icon that can’t be placed in your scene).

In order to create your game, you will need different things:

  • The 3D Objects and Materials are the objects and their textures. We will go more in detail about Materials in the next module.
  • Decals are textures that are projected on the objects. This can be useful to add dust and cracks on an object or even leaves on the ground. Those are small details that are really important to break the monotony of a texture. The list of Decals is long so we encourage you to try a lot of them and update the Properties to find what you need. The Shape Index is crucial as it can totally change the aspect of your decal.
  • Effects (VFX) are particles, smoke, explosions and more. Play the game called VFX Demo Level by Lucidish to discover many of the effects actually available in Core.
  • Animated Meshes are the subject of the next lesson. It is composed of different assets that can be animated. There are animals and humanoids, useful to add NPC.
  • Advanced effects: Skies are the built-in skies to change the atmosphere of your game, Post Processings are effects that are applied after rendering the objects of your scene, Lighting are the various lights.
  • Audio contains the music and the sound effects.
  • Interface elements: UI Textures for the icons and Fonts for texts.
  • Gameplay Elements: The Utility section is composed of different tools to help you while making your game, Game Components, Gameplay Objects and Settings Objects are all the gameplay elements that you can add to your game. Those types of objects will be explained in part 4 of the Core Certification (Scripting).

Try it on Core! Add details to the scene by placing Decal Leaves 01 at the bottom of the trees around the house. To remove decals on the tree, select it and check the Disable Receiving Decals in the Properties.

Decal Leaves 01 scaled to match the size of the leaves in the tree

General Tips

Need weapons, cars and other scripted objects?

If you are looking for some content that is already interactable and that can be used by just dragging them in your scene, click on the Game Components filter in the Core Content window. You will find different types of weapons and vehicles that you can import into your scene.

Game Components

You tried to add an object in your scene but it’s just an icon?

In the following example, we imported a carrot from the Core Content and added it to our scene. The main issue with this asset is that it is not a 3D model but a 2D icon for the interface of your game. When importing 2D icons, a UI Container will be added to the Hierarchy. If you were looking for a 3D model, don’t worry: you can simply remove the UI Container and the carrot will also disappear. We might have to create our own carrot or try to find one in the Community Content but this is the subject of the next module of this course.

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