FAQ – If you have an issue with Core during the course

This is the place that you can come back to if you have any issues during the course. Those are based on issues that new creators have when starting to use Core.

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I accidentally closed a window. // I can’t find this specific window.

Use Window > Reset View To Default or Window > Main Viewport if you can’t see your scene anymore. All the windows can be opened or closed from the Window menu.

I can’t freely move my objects. It is jumping from position to position when I drag them with the arrows.

This is called the Snap to Grid and is by default at 50, meaning your object can be positioned at 0, 50, 100, 150, etc. This is useful when making buildings and symmetrical creations. To enable/disable the Snapping Grid, press G. You can also update the grid size in the top bar.

When enabled with a value of 100, the cube is aligned on a grid of 100 units.

I can’t add an object as a child. The error is: Nodes with non-uniform scale cannot have child nodes.

In order to fix this error, you must set the scale of the parent to a uniform scaling value between X, Y and Z. If the size is Vector3(3, 3, 3), it will work, whereas if it is Vectro3(3, 3.5, 3), the scale is not uniformed. One way to fix this is to create an empty group with a size of Vector3(1, 1, 1) and add the two objects with different scales as children of the group.

When making a template, I get the error: Invalid Template. Some of these objects cannot be in a template.

You can’t have a template inside another template. The button Show Objects of the popup will show you which templates are causing this. You must deinstance all the children templates by right-clicking on them and by selecting Deinstance This Object. You can then create the template from the parent. Deinstance an object means that this object can be changed and it is not an exact copy of his original template.

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