In the Properties of any 3D object, you will find all the materials that 3D object uses.

Change a material

There are two ways to apply a new material to an object:

  • Searching for the name of a Material in Core Content and drag and dropping it on the object or on the existing material in the Properties.
  • You can also double-click on the icon of the material in the Properties to open the Material Picker and pick a material from the list. This method is a great way to experiment with different materials to find the one you need. You can also pick a type of material if you want to filter the list.

Try it in Core! Change the Material of the table to the Granite 01 Material.

Material Color

The easiest way to change the aspect of a Material is to change the color in the Properties. To change the colors of a couch, click on it in the Hierarchy or in the Scene and update the Color Override value of the Cushion section. Some 3D models like this couch have several materials (Cushion and Base Material sections in this example).

Tip: to save colors and reuse them for other materials, you can drag and drop the block showing the New color in the “Drag & drop colors here to save” area.

Try it in Core! Change the color of the couches.

Default couches

White-colored couches

Smart Material

Most 3D models have the option Smart Material in their Material Properties. This powerful feature allows you to align a texture automatically on different objects. In this screenshot, the walls on the right have the Smart Material property checked. The walls on the left are glitching because the game has no idea which wall must be rendered.

Tiling override

Sometimes, the Smart Material won’t render the object as you want. You can disable this option and use the U Tiling Override and V Tiling Override to change the amount of repetition of the texture on the object. Increasing the U Tiling Override to 2 means that the texture will be repeated twice horizontally.

The Terrace is not looking great with this U Tiling and V Tiling override value.

Try it in Core! Fix the Material of the Terrace by enabling the Smart Material on this object.

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